April 2, 2019 | Press

Wuick Ladder Tips for Suppliers to Remember

by Sara

We had another article posted with some mention of the King Kombo for Ladder Safety Month.

Here’s a small excerpt from the article.

“Falls are a leading cause of accident and injury and ladders are involved in many of these accidents. Every year, thousands of people are permanently disabled or killed in a ladder-related accident. Most of these tragedies can be avoided by following a few basic guidelines.

1. Choose the right ladder for the job (weight rating, material, length)
2. Inspect before use (If there is any damage, don’t use)
3. Set it up on firm level ground (Don’t use bricks or boards to level)
4. Keep your body between the siderails (Don’t overreach)”

To read the rest of the article, visit Contractor Supply’s website.