What is King Kombo?

King Kombo is the world’s first fiberglass 3-in-1 all-access ladder. It can be used as a stepladder, extension ladder, or lean-to ladder.

What are the main features and benefits of the King Kombo?

The King Kombo’s wide steps provide stability and comfort, and its dual-purpose top cap offers both a comfortable standing platform in the extension position and a convenient tool holder in the stepladder position. King Kombo allows you to access tight workspaces between wall studs or ceiling trusses and roof or attic access ports.


King Kombo Technical is the bad A—the pinnacle of the King Kombo family. King Kombo Technical offers the speed, strength, and versatility of its brothers with the addition of the most aggressive ladder foot Little Giant makes: the Sure-Set™ combination spike (for soft ground) and tread foot. The Sure-Set foot is the only ladder foot that locks securely when you want it to stay in place and swivels when you need it driven in the earth. Utility, cable and telecom service professionals, you asked for it, we’ve delivered the King Kombo Technical. This King Kombo is lighter, faster, stronger, and safer than the pile you’ve had willed upon you for umpteen years. Get ready!

Who can benefit from the King Kombo?

Commercial construction pros, heavy industry, mining, mechanical contractors, homeowners, DIYers, general contractors, painters, HVAC specialists, window cleaners, facility maintenance professionals, roofing contractors, landscapers and home decorators will all benefit from choosing the King Kombo.

Why Hi-Viz™ green?

Some of the most severe ladder-related incidents are caused by people who walk or drive into an extension ladder in use, and the visibility of the Hi-Viz green can help prevent these accidents. Hi-Viz green has been scientifically proven to be the most visible color in the world.

What sizes are available?

The King Kombo is available in 6 and 8-foot sizes. These models have a max extension reach of 12’ 8” and 17’ 1” respectively.

Does the King Kombo meet OSHA and ANSI Standards?

Yes, the Little Giant King Kombo meets or exceeds all OSHA and ANSI standards.

What makes King Kombo unique and different from other ladders I’ve used?

The King Kombo is the only ladder of its kind. It works as a lightweight A-frame stepladder, a wide-base straight extension ladder, and a lean-to ladder. It also works as an attic access ladder and framing ladder that also fits between framed wall studs or trusses.


King Kombo Industrial brings all the power and speed of the Pro, with ultra-heavy-duty feet with seriously aggressive tread for elite traction and durability for harsh industrial environments. King Kombo Industrial also brings a tough corner, pole, and stud gripping V-bar for the extension ladder position. This heavy-duty grip conforms to inside and outside corners and even offers protection for damageable leaning surfaces like paint, drywall, and stucco and round poles. Speed, power, and safety—prepare to be faster and safer than ever on the job!

What so great about a rotating wall pad?

The rotating wall pad protects damageable surfaces like paint, aluminum siding, and stucco, and it gives you extra stability by conforming a flat wall, inside and outside corners, a standard 2×4 stud, and a round pole. You can take this bad boy so many places that a traditional stepladder or extension ladder could never go! And now you can set your 3-in-1 ladder in the leaning position without breaking the rules. King Kombo is rated and safe for use as a leaning ladder, unlike the traditional stepladder.

Did King Kombo really “kill” the traditional stepladder?

Yes and no. Did Cro-Magnon man “kill” the Neanderthals? Did the continental railroad “kill” the wagon train? Did the personal computer kill the typewriter? In a way, yes. By its very existence, King Kombo has rendered the traditional stepladder utterly and irrevocably obsolete. Why would anyone spend money on a simple stepladder, when they could own a 3-in-1 stepladder, safe leaning ladder, and a wide-based extension ladder for basically the same cost and weight? Especially when that 3-in-1 ladder allows you to do dozens of things and access hard-to-reach tasks you could never reach before.

So yes, although King Kombo did not personally deal the final death blow to the traditional stepladder, its appearance is an extinction-level event.

What is the King Kombo’s duty rating?

The King Kombo is ANSI Type IAA rated for 375 lbs.

Where can I purchase the King Kombo?

The King Kombo is available at Lowe’s, industrial supply houses, home improvement centers and hardware stores across the country and by several online retailers.

What is the King Kombo’s warranty?

The King Kombo has a one-year, limited warranty.