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King Kombo Selection Guide

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Post about the King Kombo

Check out this post from @Monicamwelter! Monica Welter‏ @Monicamwelter Feb 19 Ladder time! Had some fun showing the team how impressed I was with these ladders! Let’s sell them all! @littlegiant @Legler1363 @McaleeseSteve #laddersdoitall #kingcombo #littlegiant #giantmike

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King Kombo Twitter

  Make sure to follow @TheKingKombo on Twitter to learn more about what this ladder can do!

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Coming to a Store Near You

  We are getting closer to the launch of the King Kombo. You will find the Professional King Kombo at Lowe’s stores nationwide. You will find the Industrial and Technical versions in retailers and online. This ladder will help you work faster and safer while getting work done. The ladder should be in a store near […]

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King Kombo Being Used in the Corner

We know it’s hard to get stuff done in high, tight corners. You need the right tool to do it safely and quickly. The King Kombo gives you what you need to get it done right. With the right tool, you can do anything!

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Learn More About the King Kombo Professional

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Interview with Tony

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The King Kombo Professional

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Getting to Know the King Kombo

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How the King Kombo Helps You

 The King Kombo’s narrow side easily fits between stud walls so you can work closer to the job at hand.